Android Projects:

  • Pushbots SDK: Developed and maintain SDK to help users with push-notifications and doing their campaign. I used Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Dart, C# to develop / maintain SDK on different platforms i.e:{Phonegap, ReactNative, Flutter, Cordova, Xamarin and Native}

  • Khtwteen: Khtwteen is an Android App to help people reach right jobs by searching on Map, you can get the nearest jobs to your current location. You can upload-edit-modify your data like CV, Employment, Education and other info. The Application Written in Kotlin, MVVM patern, using Arcitecht-Components, Clustering Algorithm to display multiple Job-Marker on the map, data stored using Room and back-end written in PHP. (Built in SoleekLab)

  • Insulin: Insulin is an Android App to help patients measure their insulin and calculate their new dose. The Application written in Kotlin whit nice animations and freindly user-interface (Built in SoleekLab)

  • Dots: Dots is an Android App to help people reach their brands(i.e: zara, addidas..) and collect points by reserving offers they get by their location, the App let user to exchange points with a real gifts and awards, the App contain a game to display current scores/points. The Application written in Java and Kotlin, MVP pattern, using MQQT to push offers to user once he enter offer location, Clustering Algorithm to display multiple Offers-Marker, RXJava to handle concurreny and Room to save data offline. (Built in SoleekLab)

  • Egpay: Egpay is a company based on Application to help merchants make their payments through the App. I helped to make the app more secure, enchance the performance and improve UI (Contributed in Egpay).

  • DaleelElkher: Daleel is an Android App to help people participate with charity events by connecting them to each other and by posting the latest cases to follow. The application written in Java, using MVP, using SingalR to make socket connection with orgnization and chat with them (Built in Yackeen Solutions)

  • Albashaer: Albashaer is an Android App to help students make their attendance using the App by just scanning the QRCode. The Application written in Java, using MVC, third part library used to scan the QRCode and post it. (Built in Yackeen Solutions)

  • Amerni: Amerni is an Android App to help people to find Jobs and companies to find the employers. The Application written in Java, using MVC (Built in Breamx].

  • Other Applications: Basateen Resident, Basateen Technichan, Haraj, Etch Food, dozaw, Other Need It.

Flutter Projects (Hybrid):

  • Radio-App : It’s an Application written in dart to stream radio stations.

Open Source :

  • Effective Java And Kotlin: It’s a repo to demonstrate how to write an effective code in Java and Kotlin (Best Practice), taking insights from EffectiveJava Book.

  • Introduction to Java Programming: A repo contain exercies solutions for the book “Introduction to Java Programming - Comperhensive edition” for Y.Daniel.

Arduino Projects:

Unity Projects: